All homework assignments are covered by the course policy on collaboration.

In addition to grading for content, we reserve the right to deduct points for stylistic elements (e.g. proper spacing and indentation; relevant variable names; clear text; etc). Having code that runs and answers homework questions doesn’t mean you have good code and text! The course style rubric details point deductions for style.

Available Due Assignment Solution
Homework 0 Sept 8, 10am Sept 13, 10pm
Homework 1 Sept 21, 10am Sept 29, 10pm
Homework 2 Sept 30, 10am Oct 9, 10pm
Homework 3 Oct 12, 10am Oct 20, 10pm
Homework 4 Oct 28, 10am Nov 6, 10pm
Homework 5 Nov 11, 10am Nov 20, 10pm
Homework 6 Nov 23, 10am Dec 4, 10pm
Homework 7 Dec 2, 10am Dec 11, 10pm


The midterm project is not covered by the course policy on collaboration – you are expected to work independently.

Available Due Assignment Solution
Midterm Project Oct 21, 10am Oct 30, 10pm


The final project differs substantially from both homework assignments and the midterm project. Detailed instructions, including deliverables and due dates, are here.